About Us

Since 1982, Long Island Sports and Rehabilitation Center has been dedicated to providing the best care for all requiring physical therapy and fitness.

Our staff of licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Certified Trainers and Exercise Physiologists work closely as a team to provide outstanding care. We are well known for our quality of treatment and treatment outcomes.
We treat all age groups and work with all insurance companies.

We specialize in treatment of orthopedic injuries, neurological deficits, sports injuries, balance and gait deficits and concussions.

We have an excellent reputation in the treatment of athletic injuries. High School, collegiate, professional athletes, and “weekend warriors” utilize our facilities for their rehabilitation and off-season conditioning. We also have screening available for all injuries.

Our staff is prepared to offer assistance to all our patients in all situations. Our goal is to always return our patients to their sport, job and activities of daily living as quickly and safely as possible.

We are also a fitness and wellness facility that helps clients/patients reach their optimal health and fitness levels. It’s a perfect setting for people that have never joined a gym before or have been a physical therapy patient and want to continue their exercise program.