Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy begins with an evaluation with one of our licensed Physical Therapists.  New York State passed legislation that a Physical Therapist can treat a patient for ten visits before attaining a Physicians’ prescription.  During the evaluation, if the Physical Therapist feels you should see a medical doctor first, you will be referred.

Prescriptions are required for all Compensation and No-Fault patients, as well as post-operative patients.  Physical Therapists and office staff also follow up on all insurance authorizations.

Once you are evaluated, the therapist develops a treatment plan which may consist use of modalities such as:

    • Whirlpools.
    • Heat/Ice.
    • Electrical Stimulation.
    • Ultrasound.
    • Laser.
    • Massage/ Manual stretching.
    • Motorized Cervical Traction.
    • Cupping.
    • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR).
Biodex Isokinetic Machine for testing and training.

We emphasize therapeutic exercises which consist of:

  • Self and Manual Stretching.
  • Progressive strengthening using isometrics, isotonics, variable resistance, and isokinetic equipment.
  • Balance and Proprioceptive exercise.
  • Gait training.
  • Cardiovascular exercise.

We also have the Biodex Balance System which we use to evaluate patients’ balance and then are able to add a program to improve balance.

All of our treatment programs are very hands-on and progressive. We are known for our massages, stretching programs, and overall successful outcomes.