“Long Island Sports and Rehabilitation has been extremely helpful to me in my sports career. They work extremely hard to make sure I am healthy and safe for playing the sport I love. Although the employees are extremely knowledgeable and experienced at their profession, their best characteristic is their love and care for their clients. Lois has become another family member to me. She has been along my side throughout my sports career and our relationship goes way beyond football. I am very lucky to have Lois and Long Island Sports and Rehabilitation in my life. I would not be where I am today without them.”

Jack Coan. Indianapolis Colts, QB
Notre Dame

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have Long Island Sports and Rehabilitation take care of my family through several rehabilitation injuries due to athletic injuries and simple slip trips and falls.  

My son suffered a torn ACL injury during his senior year in high school while entering his freshman year on a Division I Lacrosse scholarship. LISRC worked with him both pre and post-surgery to get him to better than 100%.

My wife suffered a severe ankle injury with a broken fibula, tibia, and torn ligament off the ankle resulting in surgery repair with a permanent plate, screws, and pins in her ankle. LISRC got her back to walking again with rigorous PT.

Myself, I had a partially torn bicep tendon.  With the aid and assistance of LISRC, I was able to avoid surgery for the repair through PT

The professionalism and compassion of ALL the physical therapists at LISR is superlative and uncompromising of your condition.  Hands down, Long Island Sports And Rehabilitation is my choice for any rehabilitation injury.”

Dave, Debbie and Bryan – The Anderson Family

“Lois and the staff at LISRC has worked extensively on my major injuries I’ve sustained during my time as an athlete. As a competitive gymnast, taking care of my body is the most important. LISRC has provided me the most professional care while also giving me the tools to be a successful, healthy Division 1 athlete.”

Cydney Crasa. D-I gymnast at George Washington
Ward Melville High School

“Lois Cloud Malenczak and LI Sports & Rehabilitation Center has supported the DC Ray Downey Scholarship Fund throughout the years. Over the last 40 years, Lois has helped the Downey family recover from multiple injuries, including Ray himself. She treated all three of the Downey boys; Joe, Chuck, and Ray as they recovered from high school and college injuries. Lois had been an active member of the LI sports community and is a proud sponsor of the DC Ray Downey Scholarship Fund.”

The Downey Family

“I’ve been going to LI Sports and Rehabilitation on and off for 15 years at least. The staff is OUTSTANDING and will do what must be done to help you heal yourself. They really go way above to get you back on track, it shows in their professionalism and their commitment to get you healthy. A MUST go for rehab to build up strength, confidence, and endurance in a clean well maintained modern equipped facility.”


“Best injury rehab facility on Long Island with a full gym. Great employees and quality equipment.”


“Excellent PT facility great therapists and trainers. Will never go anywhere else.”


“Great staff. They know what they are doing there!”


“Lois and the team at LI sports and Rehab is the best . Caring and compassionate while pushing you to reach goals in a safe environment.”


“Over the years, I have taken myself and my children for PT at LI Sports and Rehab. The results have always been great because of the wonderful and dedicated staff who always care for for their clients as though they are family. We wouldn’t consider another place for PT. Thanks for all you do for all of us LISR!!”


“Lois and her team are absolutely wonderful. work you hard to the bone. know what they’re doing. and absolutely kind and welcoming. everyone knows you by name and remembers you if you come back years later for another injury.”


“Hi Lois and Team,

I just wanted to drop a quick note thank you for all the care, attention, and guidance you and your team gave me as I recovered from my dislocated shoulder. I can’t thank you enough for everything over the several months that I was there. You and the team always went above and beyond. Not only did my shoulder get better but, consistency has made me a healthier person overall. While I’m not 100% yet I will hopefully be there soon as I continue my rehab from home. I think I may have learned my lesson about playing competitive soccer at 37!


Sayville and the surrounding communities are very lucky to have a local business like LISRC  – one that they can trust and rely on – from students just starting their athletic careers to old grandmothers like mom and those who fall in between like myself . LISRC has helped me and my family recover from various injuries throughout  the years and for that we are very appreciative. Thank you for your excellent care and accommodations.”


“Counting to 10. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 over and over not understanding why I had to continuously do these little exercises. Sitting in physical therapy I was lost as a person. I didn’t know what there was going to be left to do. Just days prior I had surgery after dislocating my knee three times. I had to get MPFL reconstruction  in my left knee, this meant no soccer for a really long time. I knew I was no longer an athlete and this taunted me. As I lift my leg and count to 10 I begin to breath heavy, sweat, these small these small things feel nearly impossible. My body twitched as I rested after lifting it 10 times. I didn’t want to go, I asked not to go to physical therapy and went to sleep asking to not go to physical therapy. After realizing these small exercises helped I knew  I needed to change my mentality. 


I began going to PT more than 4 times a week. I started finding hope while I was there, not just hope of running again and playing but the hope of helping others. I would just stare at every little thing my physical therapist Lois did. Realizing getting better was all up to me. Acknowledging that, I began engaging all my time into Lois and my recovery. Lois while stretching my leg comforted me. 


Everything she did was to help me. I also started helping myself, I would do the exercises alone at home, 1 by 1 getting stronger. But, as soon as I got everyday after school this began to become my motivation. I grew so many relationships while being there and began getting so inspired to help others. Now counting to 10 was a reward and a sign of strength. No more sweat at the little things like lifting my leg and walking. As I began gaining strength back I realized how blessed I was. I watched young kids learning how to just move their fingers in the slightest bit because the couldn’t. They couldn’t even walk or stand on their own. My little problems like getting back to soccer seemed so much smaller in these moments. I loved how welcoming my PT was it was a safe place away from stress and judgement


After getting cleared I slowly stopped attending PT  but I began going back to soccer. I used to dream about playing but now I aspire to help. I’m the team mom of my varsity soccer team and try to help and fill everyone with joy as Lois did to me. I go to every practice and every game even on those days I wish I was on the field. I found determination in the rough days. I found the urge to conquer and overcome the little things in life. I found myself while counting to 10. I want to help people get over those small things that seem impossible but they are not. Counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 step by step something so upsetting in my life was turned into something to inspire me. 


Lifting my leg, counting to 10 I got exhausted. I would hear ” Welcome back Angelina!” and smiles filled the room. Contemplating my career, I decided to stop playing soccer. This experience will help me ensure that I am picking the perfect job field for me. 


“This is the best physical therapy facility. My two sons have come for different sports injuries and now I am coming for a hip injury. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and very caring. I have been to other places that gave you exercises and never checked with you. All the therapists are aware and watching and will correct you if you are doing them wrong. They are constantly reevaluating your plan to make sure it’s working. They all truly care. I have seen them work with the elderly and young athletes. I will never go anywhere else and would only recommend LISRC.”